Latest Theme Ideas For Marriage Halls

Marriages these days have a lot many elements. Opt for a marriage hall in Kandivali West and give a personal touch to your D-day. Most weddings these days have a unique theme which forms the identity of that particular event. Several event planners opt for themed weddings. Even themes have trends and have to be selected appropriately. Themes are usually based on the vibe of the event. The budget is also a very important thing when it comes to planning a theme-based wedding. When it comes to a theme wedding, the theme not only has to complement the décor, it also has to be relatable to the food. Check out some latest wedding themes to opt for-

Floral theme
A floral theme wedding is one of the most popular and beautiful themes. Indoors decorated with exotic and colourful flowers are a treat for the eyes. However, when you select this particular theme make sure you choose the right flowers. Besides decorating the stage, you must also add flowers to the dining tables and the sitting area. The most common flowers opted for weddings are orchids, roses and marigolds. This theme is not just a bliss to look at, it is also perfect for mind-blowing photographs.

Space for activities and games:
Birthday parties are different than other celebrations. Every birthday bash has a planned list of activities and games. In order to carry out these activities, there needs to be some free space. See to it that the venue has a good amount of space for executing these plans. Moreover, when it comes to children it is all the more better to have a good amount of free space because they are likely to run here and there!

Royal wedding theme:
If you are a lover of tradition and want your wedding to be all elegant then go for a royal wedding theme. When you opt for a royal wedding theme make sure even your food reflects the same idea. Go for decoration elements like rangoli, lights, traditional artefacts, etc to give out a classic vibe. Even the food can consist of unique sweets, scrumptious traditional meal, etc. In order to add a bit of more drama, you can hire professional dance artists too who excel in a traditional dance form.

Bollywood themed weddingGo dreamy and imaginative with a Bollywood themed wedding. This particular theme is apt for couples who are Bollywood lovers. The main aspect of this theme is using props. One can also add dance performances on hit Bollywood numbers to add charm to this theme.
Choose a marriage hall in Kandivali West and you are bound to have a memorable wedding.


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